What are the lyrics to the song pushing rivers

The song by the dolphin brothers - pushing the rivers does anyone know the lyrics to the song I cannot find them anywhere!!!

Please could some one tell me please :) pretty please :) :) hehe

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Asked Feb 16, 2014
Edited Feb 16, 2014
not sure if this is it but thats what I got from memory, sorry if it's a different song

I could see by the way you were living
You had gone to the other side
You were the flashing wings of a swallow
You were the light in the lion's eye

And you were standing there alone in the river
Where do you go when the well is dry?
Like you could summon up another religion
Like you could summon another life

And if you survive
Then will you see me now?
And can you see me now?

Oh, let's go back again to the water
I want to swim to the other side
I could see by the way you were suffering
What you were really like

I'm not talking about a wade in the shallows
I'm not living there anymore
You could spend your life
fighting the river
Or you could look me right in the eyes

But you have to decide
Can you see me now?

Answered Feb 16, 2014
You can download Zimly app from Google play store. This app plays songs with lyrics subtitles and it automatically converts the file formats.

Answered Nov 18, 2014

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