What was my crush doing?

Okay so he has done so much stuff and blah blah but I have two questions. Okay so yesterday I was at my locker as I saw my crush coming and I was watching out if the corner of my eye and I could see him staring at me and he was reay close to me and as he was passing he turned his head to look right at me but my back was turned so like what was he doing? Seeing how much taller he was? Or like checking me our it what? And okay my second question is on Thursday I was standing at my locker alone and I saw him and his friend coming down the hall and I didn't wanna stand by my locker by myself like a idiot so I shut my locker and started walking and as I was about to pass him and his friend I tried to sneak a peek at him but him and his friend were already staring at me! What does that mean? Help!
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Asked Feb 15, 2014
Edited Feb 16, 2014
This happened to me too, he probably realized he has a thing for u, but guys usually hide their emotions until they get a clear reading. It means that u should just ask him who he likes but dont bother him too much about it, u never know, he might just say u.
Answered Feb 16, 2014
Could u look in to my question too plz!?!?!?
That's great! you're lucky, try to find an excuse to talk to him. Little by little bond with him and try to pay attention to the way he speaks around you. when you make eye contact, try to hold it for a little longer than a glimpse. if he likes you, he will think you might be interested in him too. this might make him more confident to let you know how he feels about you. :)
Answered Aug 14, 2014

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