Am I too tall?

Hey! I'm 14 and I'll be 15 in June but anyways I'm a girl and I'm 5"8". Would you not wanna date me cause I'm that tall? Like idk do guys who are tall as in 6"0" like girls like me? Cause it seems like all tall guys like girls who are too short for them. :( like the guy I like is 6"0" do u think he will think I'm too tall? Like I need to be with a tall guy cause the fact that I'm tall! Like I saw him going by me one time and he was checking me out probably to see how much taller he would be. I just need help like I'm 5"8 and I'm tall and skinny with long legs and in heels I'm almost 6"0" I won't be any taller then 5"9" but will he think that's too close in height? :(
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Asked Feb 15, 2014
No Your Not . I Am 5"4 And I Am 12 Years Old . But I Am Happy I Am Tall Because I Want To Be A Modeler !
Answered Feb 15, 2014
If he would base his feelins for u on summ as shallow as height u dont really want him anyway
Answered Feb 15, 2014
i live in uk, woman here are getting taller so 5ft8 is not that tall here for a girl. Im a 5ft11 guy and I see girls taller than me but not all that common, but I Don't feel like there's anything with being tall.
Answered Mar 02, 2014
Edited Mar 02, 2014

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