Do they round the number up for honour rolls.

Ok so last year I got a dead on 79 average for my first term. I was so pissed but I tried my best this year. I got a 79.6. Would they round that to 80? I am in grade 8 and Have completed term 1 with excellent grades but its nothing to me If I don't make the honor roll. Will they round it up?
Asked Feb 13, 2014
Hmmm... good q.... some teacher's will and some wont. Asked the teacher. I mean, it would be right to round it up! And Ur in grade 8??? I thought u were 9th... I am!
Answered Feb 16, 2014
Yep still in grade 8.
Aren't you turning 15 tho?
Im already 14 January 19
oh, I just turned 15. :)

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