I'm scared I'm just a thing of her past.

Well I kinda hate going to school now considering the fact that my crush basically disregards me and we see each other everyday! She used to say "Hey" whenever I was around, but now it's just a blank look on her face as she passes not saying anything. I admit its my fault mainly because I never knew exactly how to speak to her first so she might've thought I didn't wanna talk to her. I wanna walk up to her and ask her about it but she stares at me so coldly with her still eyes I just can't ask. Plus, I mean she's always around her friends and I'm friends with some of her friends, but not that close with most of them. I just really miss that smile she would give me if we were talking and the way her voice would get higher as our conversation progressed. What should I do I'm scared she doesn't like me as a person anymore?
Asked Feb 13, 2014
Edited Feb 18, 2014
go up to her, and her friends and say I need to borrow her for a bit...and that itl be brief. take her and tell her what you feel, and how you didnt mean to be so cold toward her before, and it was an misunderstanding.
Answered Feb 15, 2014
Thanks I'm definitely gonna do that
;) glad to be of service *shakes your hand*
yeah do that, devious_kidd.
I didn't talk to my crush for weeks because he never spoke to me and after a while, I left him because he was so stupid. Don't be like that crush I had.
Ps: he was a boy and i'm a girl btw
Don't worry about her, seriously, but I mean, maybe you can confront her?
Answered Feb 20, 2014

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