How do I write a good introduction paragraph for an essay about the thing I carry?

Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” tells a story by means of an inventory. The
objects the soldiers carry with them define them. Even though many of them carry the same
things—ponchos, flak jackets, rations—each soldier’s relationship to those things is wholly
unique and individual.
For this project, think about the things that you carry: bookbag, wallet, phone. These
things are universal, we all carry them, but what makes your relationship to them unique? What
about the things you carry that are particular to you, like Kiowa’s hatchet? Why do you carry
them, and what do they say about you? How do the tangible things that you carry help you carry
intangible things, like Lieutenant Jimmy Cross’s letters from Martha, which make him feel as
though he is carrying her, or at least her affection, with him in Vietnam. After thinking about the
things that you carry, write a conclusion about how you carry yourself. What is the relationship
between the physical things that we carry and the figurative things that we carry, such as our
loved ones, our guilts and regrets, our senses of pride or private accomplishments?
Asked Feb 13, 2014
I was given an assignment to write about the things I carry. Not knowing how to start, or what to say, I decided to inventory my things. I started by sorting everything into two piles; the things that are pretty much universal to everyone my age, and things uniquely mine. This is what I discovered about myself. (With my permission.)
Answered Mar 04, 2014
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