Do my song lyrics stink? Please help!

Hi I'm ten years old and love songwriting. I'm not that good at singing especially in front of people, so I don't wanna be a singer. My sister says my lyrics don't make sense, but that's probably because I write most of them about real things. I'll give you the first verse and chorus.
One blue moment on the days three out of four
I keep thinking how is this gonna turn out
Every day the rain starts to pour
But then a bright light shines inside of me sayin' who cares!

I'm gonna make this day fly
Look at me I'm up in the sky
Throw anything at me I'm ready to try
Watch me make this day fly
Asked Feb 11, 2014
its sounds okay it would probably sound better with music. The lyrics are fine for the most part but I wouldn't say they are about real things.
Answered Feb 11, 2014
I agree, the lyrics aren't the best and I'm learning. And I'm no expert but, the lyrics probably are still considered real even if your talking about what you thought when the real thing happened. You can also give a little imagination like in my chorus. The real thing in the song is when I was really sad about something but then looked at the bright side, and kind of put into a song. And most of my tunes turn out kinda bad. Well anyways, thanks for being honest.
I agree with you they're good but not really about real things
it sounds good to me, and yeah, put it to music and then it should sound right
Answered Feb 11, 2014
Nice. Just a little touch of you ness here and there !! :)
Answered Jun 12, 2014
Thanks for the advice!! You're very helpful for me!
Im late on this q but I saw it and I love writing songs so hey, why not answer.
I think they're good. Very motivational, the way I see them. If you want some 'lessons', I can help you. Songwriting is one of my fav things to do. Idk maybe we can write a song together. 0.o
But, yeah, whatever you wanna do, but anyway, they're good. Haha
Answered Jun 15, 2014
Thanks! Maybe we can write a song together! (P.S. I heard your singing/rapping on soundcloud, you're really good!
Yeah! Oh, haha thanks
I don't know how we'd do it but I have soundcloud like you. I'd give you my username but it's a jumble of numbers. You have to give me a few pointers for that app.
I love writing songs and singing them, I am 11 years old, maybe we could team up sometime 😃 This is really good but I wouldent consider the chorus 'realistic'. It is very good and can be put well to music. I am tryin for a recor deal in june next year :)
Answered Jun 16, 2014
Sure! We could team up sometime! I don't know how though…
It sounds alright put it with the right music and it'll sound great :p
Answered Jun 18, 2014

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