I am too tired for sex, but he always pushes me to have sex with him anyway

My boyfriend and I are going to a fancy restaurant and to a hotel afterwards on valentines. It will probably be really nice.. but he has to leave again the next morning... And I have to take the bus for 2 hours just to come see him, and then 2 hours back since he is leaving the next day for a trip with his friends. I agree and has said to him that he should go with his friends, as they had been planning this trip of their for quite a while now.. but mostly.... I might have said so because I would have a better reason for not seeing him on valentines.... I'm always so tired, and he doesn't have to travel at all to go to the place we are going to eat and the hotel we are staying at. Also.. he is surely to be expecting a lot of sex from me at valentines... He always does.. and sometimes I have to give in even though I don't want to... because he gets sad and somehow angry when I say I don't want to have sex. He always accuses me of always rejecting him and that I probably feel I am to good for him and that he is too fat and ugly for me... That is not the case, and he knows it... I always give in after a while though, no matter how tired I am. And it isn't good enough I just participate, we also have to a lot of different poses and it has to be rough. Also.... he.... he is kind of big... so that in some positions it really hurts me... but he often ignores me when I tell him so or tell him to stop.... I have cried during sex before because it really hurts... and I have tried to hide it from him.. because he would accuse me of being a bad girlfriend because I am making him seem like a molestor and abusive boyfriend when I cry.. and then he gets angry et me again (he has done this before) so that I have to comfort him and make sure he is a great boyfriend.... I feel so used and dirty.. and I am so tired after meeting him... I don't know what to do.. I am really afraid and orn about what to on valentines... should I tell him that I am too tired, or should I go? I just really don't know.. I love him... but sometimes... he just treat me so.... ...... just I don't know...

what should I do? Should I go or not? Does anyone have any advices for me?

Btw we have sex all the time, so it is not like we have a lack of good sex. But he should respect me. I don't really feel like he does...
Asked Feb 11, 2014
I totally get it ..
My first serious boyfriend pushes me to give him blow jobs . I was a virgin back then so oral sex was the only thing we did .. first I don't mind giving him bj's but later I was kinda frustrated .. now that I think about it , I realized I was too young to be sexually active ..
n also when I call him , he would be really rude to me .. but when I am with him , he would be nice . I felt like he was using me .. I spent all mt teenage with him . I am no longer with him . but believe it or not the experience I got still effect my relationship with other men .. I have trust issues n I still hate sex . all kinda .. so better take an action before it gets too late .. I donno anything about yer bf , but the way you described he looks selfish ..

I hope this helped :)
Answered Jan 12, 2015
Edited Jan 12, 2015
Why are you always so freaking tired. I'm a girl and you sound like you have a problem
Answered Feb 12, 2014
she needs a break its not a big deal, and plus if its all the time then I can see how itd get annoying
Tell him that pressuring you and guilting you into that is not good, and you have a say in the matter. and also its not a great relationship if hes guilting you into stuff.
Answered Feb 17, 2014
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Answered Sep 11, 2019

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