How to fix my 2002 mitsubishi diamante? having electrical trouble.

i have a 20002 Mitsubishi Diamante; one day I was driving and my tire blew on the front driver side, I thought I could make it to the next exit before I war riding on rims but my car completely shut down out of no where. When I got out to look at it and the torn tire had eaten into the wires and shut it down. I need to figure out the wire harness that is destroyed. How to get a replacement and where to get it fixed. Also how much all this may cost.
Asked Feb 11, 2014
If it's just a wiring harness, it shouldn't cost any more than $500 (if you're in Murica) to replace, worst case. Independent mechanics are best for reliable repairs. The vehicle will need to be towed, which may incur some extra costs.
Answered Apr 22, 2015

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