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I found this story online a long time ago and I'm trying to find it again but am failing. It was a great story. It was a love story about either a chinese girl, or a japanese girl, I can't remember. But she lived with her stepmother who abused her. She meets this boy I think while going to the market or something, and they fall in love. He even stands up to her stepmother when he sees her hitting the girl. They fall in love and carve each other's initials onto each others shoulders. Then I dont remember what happens after that, but I remember later in the story she sees the guy again and he's the head of some gang. So she pretends to be a boy so she can join his gang and be near him. She wears boy clothes and either cuts her hair or just puts it up and goes to get initiated in the gang (beat up). Once in the gang she becomes his second, and in the end he realizes its her and I think she dies at the end, but I don't remember why. So anyone have any clue? Oh and in the background of the webpage that had this story, "To Zanarkand" was playing in the background.
Asked Feb 10, 2014

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