Which Subject Should I work on first, for an entire week?

I feel behind in my schoolwork so I've thought about doing one subject for a week straight, there are three main subjects and I'm homeschooled. So in four weeks I'd have done five lessons/chapters/modules in each subject, much better than one a week.
Anyway, Idk which subject to start with.

In Math I've finished 16/35 (Really Behind, although it's a favorite)
In Science I've done 11/17
In History I've done 17/24

I'm really awesome at Science, it's my favorite.
I'm still good in math, it's algebra, but the work is slow and boring, each lesson accompanies 180 questions to answer…
I've a good memory but it's time consuming because the book I use is abkea and the tests focus on the least important things, so I'm forced to memorize everything.

Which Subject should I start off with?
Asked Feb 09, 2014

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