I need advice about a college class.

I am an A-level student (my GPA is 3.9), but I am taking a Biology class this semester that I am currently making a D+ in. I have devoted so much time studying for and stressing over this class that my other grades are suffering, but no matter how much I study and how well I think I did on various assignments, I still just can't seem to get a good grade on anything. This professor is probably the hardest grader I have EVER had, and this is my eighth semester and 13th professor. I am a very good student and I take my studies seriously. I do not slack off. I am willing to do literally anything (save anything that violates my moral code, obviously), including any extra assignments, to learn the material and receive a good grade.

Here are my questions: how do I communicate this to my professor without seeming rude or like a student just seeking to get a better grade without having to work for it? Also, since this professor does not allow extra credit and uses the points system, what work (if any) should I request in order to make up the points I have already lost? I would appreciate any helpful feedback.
Asked Feb 07, 2014

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