Bullying or something else*pretty sure its bullying but wanted to make sure*

okay i'm going to give them some names
bever*beverly is her real name but she goes by this for short*

okay me I am normally withdrawn and quiet I am also distrustful.but I never said I hated her*before the fight happened I did not say it but now I do*anyways she was like "why do you hate me neliel"i just looked at her and said"i don't hate you..i'm just going through things right now"after that I left to use the restroom and she was flapping her gums saying"i hate neliel she's a bitch"
then at lunch me and my friend where talking I said"hey sierra if me and bever got in a fight would I win"*note that I don't start physical fights if they hit me first they are gonna get hurt*and she said yes.the next day bever was like"you can't hurt me i'll kill you"*which I liked hearing that I wanted her to hit me so I could KILL her myself*anyways I said"i never did say I was gonna beat your ass..unless you started the fight"then she said"you can't cause i'll kill you"

the next week she was calling me ugly fat slut*thats who she is literally she is fat and ugly*looks like a mother fucking blob fish with fucking make up on(if you have no idea what that is just google it and picture make up on it) while i'm thin and ugly*after we stopped this b.s*i try to act nice to her she does the same but i'm pretty sure she gots her pack of bitches after me

like earlier salony passed me in the hallways and she started to smile at me as if she's about to laugh so I smiled at her and she started laughing *wtf bitch am I funny like a god damn clown!!!*

alora helped me in class today so we would not be late*we snuck in the class(she's nicer to me but at times she's a bitch)

but wtf is this shit..she got her bitches on me like flies on a dead fucking body
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 05, 2014
Okay well, someone is still in middle school. Calm down and think for a minute, do what I do, tune them out and wait. Eventually she will either give up and go away or she'll hit you. I don't know you, but be ready for that hit (it probably won't happen,) but be ready just in case cause when you're not expecting it is when it hurts like a mothereffer. And when I say tune out I mean, don't even look in her direction when she's yapping, don't talk to her or her goons. If she touches you, ignore it. I don't care if the beach spits on your shoes, until she hits you, DO NOT RESPOND. I'm telling you from personal experience, it will be worth it, to knock her on her ass and laugh. Just be patient.
Answered Feb 18, 2014

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