I need girl advice because this one is really killing me.just want some oppinions

There is this girl I’ve known since I was about 6 and I am now 18 and she is 20. We have been really close for all these years and her brother is my best friend. (Which is the biggest part of my dilemma.) Lets call her Jill

Since I met Jill there has always been something about her that I just loved. She is one of those girls that can wear sweats and a hoodie and just look incredible. She has such a great personality and its just a plus that she is a total smoke show. Jill and I have always been pretty flirty and it didn’t really phase me much until I got to high school because I got to see her pretty much every day. I’ve gotten with a good amount of girls and there has not been one that I liked or even wanted to spend my time more than Jill and that’s one of the reasons that I don’t commit to girls because none of them even compare. There were some instances where I would be getting with a girl and Jill would confront me and say that she doesn’t like them or stuff like that… it wasn’t like malicious but it was more sincere (possibly jealous?). Anyway, I never could really tell if Jill is as into me as I am to her. There have been times where I just hurt because I think about her. I know it sounds crazy but this girl is just incredible. Even music I listen to makes me think of her… When I workout, I think of her and she is my motivation to stay in shape and get bigger. (Don’t take this in a creepy way but I just think that it’s a sign that I really like this girl)

Because of the two-year difference and the fact that she is my best friends sister we never really did anything. But whenever we are drunk we are always much more flirty than usual and she says things that leads me to believe that she may just feel the same way I do. (“Drunk thoughts are sober feelings”) but I know you cant really base anything off her being drunk but it happens any time were together for the most part. She also sends me drunk texts and snap chats so I don’t know how to read her signs if any. We have hooked up when we are drunk and once when we were sober…. Even though it was just once, I just felt so much different kissing her than any other girl.

So that’s pretty much the story… but I just don’t know if I could ever even tell her how I really feel. One reason being that her brother is my best friend (keep in mind that friendship didn’t happen because of his sister so its not like I’m using him for her, but he would freak if he found out his sister and I hooked up).... how could I handle that for the future ? The other reason being that I really can’t take the idea of her not feeling the way I do. I just really need some advice. Plus I don’t want to hear that there are plenty of girls out there and this is just one girl. I’m well aware of that but this girl makes me feel like she’s the only one for me.
Asked Feb 04, 2014
Okay to start off, your so sweet and I can tell you like her so much and it's nice to know there are guys like you out there so she is very lucky. But anyways I am a girl and from what it sounds like, she feels the exact same. I say that because it doesn't matter if she was that drunk cause if she didn't like you, drunk or sober, she wouldn't of kissed you or said anything, period. And I have been in the same situation and I see it from her point of view and BELIVE me, she's into you. But it can be a problem if your best friends with her brother. Send I can tell you really like her I suggest you sit down and tell we how you feel. I know it sounds scary but believe me every girl wants a guy to spill his true feelings to her cause we love that and we want you to and trust me she will be so happy. But I advice you tell her when you guys are not drunk lol but when your drunk you can't help but say your true feelings and those feelings weren't just words of her being drunk those are true words of her liking you. But I promise most girls never ever ever flirt with a guy they wouldn't consider being with. Only hoes do that and she sounds pretty cool so I doubt she is. And her saying you shouldn't date those girls are signs of jealousy. Been there done that. Girls get so jealous and she sounds like she was. Or she was just looking out for you, which is still a very good sign cause we really only care that much for certain special people like someone we really love. But if she does feel the same ( she does believe me) then sit down with her bro and tell him how you really feel about his sister and how much you love and care about her. He honestly should understand and like just from reading this I could tell you really so care. And btw, I also hate when people say there are other girls or guys out there. It's like idc I just want her /him. Lol anyways you TRUELY need to tell her cause it you don't, she will think you don't like her and she will try for someone else. Best of luck and I hope I helped!!! :))
Answered Feb 04, 2014

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