Do I sound shy or anti-social or a-social

i am quiet and don't trust easily..cause I know people will not like me and will judge me on everything I do and put me down for it as well just for their own amusement.i honestly am starting to be reluctant to go to school and socialize I almost have a complete hatred for people and am skeptical to trust them
Asked Feb 03, 2014
Edited Feb 03, 2014
Dear redrose1,

I empathize with you and I understand what you might be feeling.

You are neither shy, nor social nor anti-social. You are just not confident enough and don't believe in yourself. NEVER NEVER NEVERRRRRR let yourself down. People's perception ignites from your perception of yourself.

Just believe that you are GOOD and start socializing. What has really helped me a lot is by looking into people's eyes. Stare right into their eyes while walking or talking or anything.

Hope it helps :) !
Answered Jul 13, 2015
Sorry but you sound shy and anti-social, a lot of people are
Answered Feb 03, 2014

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