Why is he ignoring my text message?

so my cousin n I got a grt bonding from past days wen I left from his city n come to my hometown , so we did fb msging to each other like whole nyt n left around 6 Am in the morning , I didn't replied or cudn't reply him for 1 day , wen I did , he later confess that why u didn't replied , I was bored whole day , that was surprising n I felt gud , den I explained that I cudn't , he said okay but try to reply me or else will kill me :P , this convo was day before yesterday .
yesterday I had a lil personal convo which v usually have abt his gf , y he's still single n never had gf though he's super smart etc etc...
but this tym I sended him a pic of pornstar , pic was adult , like nude u can say but not that nude , can see boobs uper portion not niples kinda pic, can't say too much porny his reaction was eeeeee dirty pic n I asked him if want her fb link , he said okay show n I replied y r u asking for link then, I sended , he said I haven't opnd n I won't .
he had an exam today so asked me to tlk later today but he don't usually studies n I used to say go n study n he refuses n says naaaaaaaa I don't study.
The thing is I msged him today n he replied me late though he always replies me instantly wen I msg him , he always do , never ignores me too long n now also I msged him like 3 hrs. ago but he havn't replied me yet.
he has got iphone n surely he can msg me as updates comes on his cell and he never ignored my msg too long.
I cudn't figure out what's wrong , I cudn't study too , he's completely free ass today was his last exam , is he got shocked by that nude pic n me sending a link of pornstar or what ?
he asked me what's ur prob? I said u r virgin , that's d prob.
i wasn't srs but I cudn't get it , help me out , why he isn't replying me n ignoring my msges , is it cz he want an revenge as I ignored his msg for a day or what , or he is no longer interested in talking to me , plz help me out , plz plz plzzzz , thanku for ue time n comment , I appreciate it :)
Asked Feb 01, 2014
Edited Feb 01, 2014

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