I think I fell in love in my dream.

It was so real she was beautiful and amazing. She made me laugh lots we was at a party but shw was working behind the bar I'd keep going over buying drinks off her and she'd hold my hand everytime, then when it was 5 mins before she finished I went over bought 2 drinks one for me one for her she came around to the other side of the bar hugged me took one sip of her drink and lead me away to the bottom.of the garden where there was a hammock we lay it in for ages just talking looking at the stars. And then I kissed her she made me feel so good! Then we was just cuddling and I told her she made me feel amazing an I asked am I ever going to see you again an she got all shy she was smiling but looking down and as she said yes I woke up! I don't know how to feel about this sounds silly but I want to see her :(
Asked Feb 01, 2014
Edited Apr 16, 2014
well, if your know this said person in real life, then speak to her...that dream was probably for courage...but if not then I will tell you this. I sometimes have random dreams, about school or other things... and so it seems real...then about 1 month or less later, it happens in real life. it can be the same case, and it could not be. idk if u get what I mean, but hope I helped
Answered Feb 01, 2014
Hey dude thanks for that, unfortunately I have no idea who she is I have never seen her before but everything about her was amazing, I've thought about her all day sounds so weird but I can't help it lol I hope she comes into my life!
haha its all good, and no prob, glad I helped. I hope your dream comes true for you. everyone deserves happiness in their lives
I hope so too she was incredible lol.
haha XD well good luck then
hopefully you see her one day
The Mind is Incapable of making new faces and people so she has to Exist but you pry don't know, she has to be someone you passed walking down the street or someone that asked you where the bathroom is. So I say look for her! Hope you find her!
Answered Apr 16, 2014
thats like me
Answered Apr 16, 2014
I know this is already answered but oh well ok so if she was in your dream she is real maybe she was at store or something just know she is real maybe you will see her in the cuter or something
Answered Apr 16, 2014
You can't dream about someone you've never at least seen before. You may not remember seeing her, but your subconscious mind does. It makes it interesting though. If she was so beautiful, you'd think you'd remember seeing her before. Maybe it's the personality you dreamed she had is what made her so beautiful to you. Either way, she DOES exist. I hope you find her, and I hope all goes well for you if you do!
Answered Apr 16, 2014
Totally forgot about this, but thanks man :)

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