Getting kicked out of my apartment because I pwe landlord past due rent.

Okay so I owed my landlord 400 past due rent because I lost my job so no way of paying rent but I'm trying. ..and when I first moved here my house is full of holes that he said he was ganna fix and never did ..After one year of full rent on time he decided to put my boiler on so for one year I had NO HEAT I was using electric heaters I have a 4year old son and sometimes even after putting my boiler I have to uea my stove and electric heatera to warm up my home.. .my son bed cough on fire because the Leticia heater just burst on fire sky my son bed and wall ought on fire.. .I have a squearlle in my home because of the holes I have here.. . He dont like fixing nothing but love collecting money. ..I have to park outinde because he do that want to fix the backyard with the mud and dirt is has so I get tickets everyday and iit's OFF AT PARKING HOME EVERYTHING INCLUDED. ..AND HE DECIDED TO KICK ME OUT BECAUSE I TOLD HIM I'M TAKING 300 TO FIX MY SON BED AND BUY NEW ELECTRIC HEATERS AND LAY MY TICKETS OFF. ..WHAT SHOULD I DO
Asked Jan 28, 2014

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