Is it difficult to go to go to a boarding high school as a day student?

I'm finishing applications for high school and I'm sating to get worried about high school next year. I am hopping to go to a private high school where most of the student are boarding. I don't want to leave my friends and i'm afraid were not going to talk much next year because we are all going to different schools. I am not the most social person ever and I'm afraid that I might have trouble making friends next year. I'm also going to be a day student so will that effect my social life? All the teachers say it won't but I haven't really gotten a chance to ask a day student. Is it normal to be afraid of losing your friends or am I just being pardoned? I am also afraid that if I do go to the public high school that it will be even more difficult to make friends. All the high schools I am looking at are really small. At the public school everyone already knows everyone and I know no one. Or at least no one that I like. Is it difficult changing schools?
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Asked Jan 28, 2014

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