I think my girlfriend is cheating

I trust my girlfriend unbelievable amounts, but I think she's cheating!, she has cheated once before by kissing someone but she swears that it didn't mean anything and that she pulled away as quick as she could so I believed her and took her back, but now she's acting different with me, I was on her phone and I found an old bbm chat on there and this guy was asking her to come to his house and she didnt say no :-( but I'm inlove with her, I've spoke to her about it and she thinks that I dont trust her, what do I do and how do I find out of she is
Asked Jan 26, 2014
She may not be cheating on you, she may just be deciding who she likes better or the other boy might just be friends with her. Don't jump to conclusions too fast.
Answered Jan 26, 2014
i have to agree unless you have actual proof, it is best not to jump to conclusions
Answered Feb 01, 2014
the mind plays tricks. only time will tell.

please answer mine :?

Answered Feb 13, 2014
Only time will tell this thing. But u just tell to ur gf if there is any problm?? Tell me ? U wait nd watch if she will cheat u then u just breakup nd understands that if this time u have these problm then after some times or years if u know she will cheat u then its very bad so don't follow her. Simply wait . Believe in yourself.
Answered Feb 20, 2014

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