I can't get this girl out of my head


I can't seem to get this one girl out of my head. It's been bugging me for the past month and it's really not a good feeling...

Lately I've been thinking of writing a short-simple note explaining my feelings towards her without coming off as "too strong".

What do you guys think? Any suggestions/opinions? (Please don't say "Just talk to her" because it's really hard for me to do so).

Thanks :)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jan 25, 2014
If you have sister or a girl friend in your class you should ask for her to talk to her or you can write a letter and explain your feeling without your name or you can buy for her a flower that she likes or you can smile at her or.... There are a lot of way you should interest her attention but is she in your class?
Answered Jan 25, 2014
Yeah, she's in one of my classes. Sadly, our new semester begins on January 31st, so I don't got much time left..
Are you sure she hasn't any boyfriend?
Nil Jan 25, 2014
I know she doesn't. I never see her with any other boy. She's one of the "shy-type" girls that is very independent and goes on about doing her own thing.
She's an awesome girl I love independent girls as you said you should try to be her boyfriend if you want you can are you a handsome boy or normal
Nil Jan 25, 2014
Eh, I'm pretty normal and shy. I'll just try writing her a note telling her about the feelings I have and we'll see where it goes from there. :)

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