Help! I really need some help!

OK well I REALLLLLLY like this guy but idk if he likes me back. I ave him a note saying I liked him but he never talked about so then I texted him a few days later saying sorry for giving him that note, a lot of girls like him at my school and im pretty sure I have like 2 out of 5 chances of going out with him but before I gave him the note we were starting to become really good friends and the weird thing is he already know I liked him and he was still acting really nice to me but now he looks at me a lot but are conversations are really short and awkward, he sais he doesnt like anyone but I dont know anymore, iS there a chance he might like me?he use to always answer my snapchats but know he opens them but doesnt always answer. Am I being annoying? What should I do? PLEASE HELP!!! How do I get to be friends with him again
Asked Jan 24, 2014
Edited Jan 25, 2014
Be patient with him. Maybe he's just shy, or maybe he doesn't like all the attention he's getting. Some guys are like that. Try to hang back a little and message him at most once every other day or so unless he answers you back or talks to you first. You never know, maybe he just isn't ready for a relationship at all yet, even. Just try to ease him into it, and focus more on being his friend, not his girlfriend.
Answered Jan 25, 2014

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