Is it safe to meet online female friend for sex who is in nearby area?

I got a friend online recently. She is from a nearby aread and she agreed to have sex with me on my 1st ask. We didn't see or never known each other. I don't understand what is her confidence to meet an unknown guy directly for sex.

I asked her for sex on heat at that time and now I'm in complete dilemma if it is safe to meet some one like that especially in a typical country like our India where it is unsafe with such people. Also worried about if it becomes problem in future with her if I get her to my flat.

Also getting weird thoughts like if it may be a trap to black mail later on or a plan to get married just bcoz they dont have enuf money or something like that, but also getting thoughts to meet because of anxiety that I have got a chance to fuck this much easier.

Please suggest.
Asked Jan 24, 2014
Hell naw
Answered Jan 24, 2014
Answered Jan 24, 2014
Lol I would say no. Yo, she might even be a GUY! one thing straight, date someone you KNOW and SEEN before. Say NO!
Answered Jan 24, 2014

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