I always get screamed at and it's not just my family I am thinking about killing my self if you care

It my teachers now and all my friends I don't no what's going on it's like the whole world is turning there back on me and soon people we'll start screaming at me on this thing then though email then through txt
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Asked Jan 22, 2014
Welcome to my life... Im so sorry.
Answered Jan 23, 2014
It's gonna be alright. Calm down. You must try therapy...it's really helpful!
Answered Jan 23, 2014
i know how you feel
1.find out why..*there is always a reason to why they do it find it out and if they have no reason ignore them they are not worth your time*
2.find some new friends…*chances are if they yell at you they are just worthless assholes*
3.if they yell at you through email yell back but the appropriate thing to do is block them*
Answered Jan 23, 2014
Hi there. Take a minute to sit down and relax. It's all in your mind. Think about it. Maybe they are not turning their back at you, or abandoning you, or mad at you. Sometimes, it is just the way we interpret things when really, there is nothing there. Talk to a therapist, to your mother or to a guidance councilor. Killing your self will not solve anything. It will only make matters worse for the people you will leave behind. Always remember to keep your head together.
Answered Jan 26, 2014
Please call this number.

1-800-394-4673 (HOPE)
Answered Jan 31, 2014
Be brave ignore everyone and set a goal and work on it. Dont kill yourself there is someone who loves you. Try talking to a help line they always work it did for my friend.
Answered Jan 31, 2014
Tell childline or whatever u have but dont do suicide its way too sad also right down ur feelings in a book or notepad we all care for each other who is bullied I am bullied I tell people I get into trouble because people put on an innocent face but I dont want to kill myself because there is always someone who cares for you with all their heart
Answered Jun 08, 2015
Edited Jun 08, 2015
Also the email thing is cyberbullying
Answered Jun 09, 2015
Ignore them.All they are is Jerks and Idiots.Just focus on yourself and don't pay them any attention.
Answered Jun 09, 2015

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