Why don't guy school guys like me?

The only guys on earth who truly dislike me are the ones that are in high school. Why do they dislike me so much and think I'm unattractive? It's like yesterday when after me and my friends went to the mall, since one of my friends needed dance shoes (because we're all on the dance team at our school) so we had went to this Academy Sports that was right next to the mall. When we walked in this guy and his dad were leaving, he saw me look at him very quickly then gave me a tight smile then left but didn't look back. Usually if looking at them they'll turn there heads and don't want to have anything to do with me whatsoever. Even my crush thinks I'm a total freak and doesn't want to look at me nor come up and talk to me. I can tell if a guy likes me by their attitudes and way they act to others. What should I do???
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jan 21, 2014
Maybe they just don't like you in person. It's not all not about looks not even to guys. It's probably because they like girls their age too.
Answered Jan 21, 2014

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