I am really upset I am a wrestler and all the basket ball players are calling me gay so please answe

I am a wrestler and every body is calling me gay and I am single is it because I am a wrestler or because every body thinks I'm gay should I quit wrestling or not I will do any thing for a girl friend who likes wrestling or at least likes me so please tell me war should I do
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Asked Jan 21, 2014
Edited Jan 21, 2014
Okay this bothers me and I will try to help you. First do NOT quit wrestling! That would show you giving in to what your peers believe but is not true in reality. You want to be a wolf..not a sheep in a herd of "do the same thing/ be the same thing"
you are unique and if you let people control you through bulling then they are th ones with a problem. I know more than anybody else would know what problem you are facing. As for the girlfriend part. It seems not easy to "make" a girl like you. Im not a girl but in my experiences girls like guys who are confident with who they are. (Might not work with the clicks in high school). Bur you don't need someone superficial. Once again be a
wolf-strong independent achiever.
not a sheep- dress the same act the same fake that they all are into the same stuff.
I know it is hard to do but thats my advice. I wish the best of luck to you and just wanted to end with "Be Yourself. It does not matter if is approved by anyone"

Answered Jan 21, 2014
Thanks are you a wrestler too
Jimbo Jan 22, 2014
Hey your welcome. And no I am not a wrestler. But I don't like seeing someones interest slaughtered by negative comments that don't even make sense.
dwoww Jan 22, 2014
Well that's really good advice
Jimbo Jan 22, 2014
thank you very much . hope everything works out!
dwoww Jan 23, 2014

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