Calling all dentists/doctors?

I think I have TMJ.
My jaw is constantly popping on the left side. It's the worst in the morning and pops really loudly.
It doesn't hurt at all, except in the morning.
I don't get any headaches or anything, it just keeps popping and clicking.
I don't have braces, headgear, or anything.
I grind my teeth while I'm sleeping and I clearly have an overbite, I think that's why.
And if I do have TMJ, how can it be treated?
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Asked Jan 21, 2014
Edited Jan 21, 2014
Dental care implants tend to be artificial origins and the teeth (usually titanium) which are surgically placed to the upper or even lower mouth bone. Tooth attached in order to implants are extremely natural looking and frequently enhance or even restore the patient's grin!
Answered Aug 12, 2014
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Answered Aug 14, 2014
hi...It really is normal to have sensitivity to be able to hot and also cold any time composite fillings are usually first put, however this may subside right after your enamel acclimates for the new completing. Good mouth hygiene procedures, eating behavior, and typical dental trips will assist in the life of one's new fillings.
Answered Oct 02, 2014
It is not big issue, sometime it's happen basically it is sensitivity problem just can consult with dentist who is near to your home or go through this website Dentistsinmobileal.
Answered Jul 13, 2015
Yes, must visit to the dentist.
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Answered Feb 02, 2019
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