I don't know what to do about this kid at school?

I am 16 years old, I have a size 8 in pants I'm 5ft 4in tall and I am an 38dd, this kid brad is always harassing me, he walks past me and says about my breasts, ''those look heavy, would you like me to carry those for you'', he is a real jerk and one time he touched my breasts, I told him to stop and he said ''make me''. he is always making lewd remarks to me telling what he would like to do to me sexually. one time I dropped my pencil and he literally spanked me, how do I tell this pervert to f***in leave me alone?, I am thinking about pressing charges against him.
he always does this when nobody else is around and he is always telling me that I make him hard, he is so gross
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Asked Jan 20, 2014
Oh wow sorry to hear about that. I can only give the advice I would do.

1. Tell someone, It is very important to tell someone because he might think it is okay!

2. Punch the friggen crap out of him!!! Hit him don't be afraid because he is sexually harassing you so you are just protecting yourself.

3. Yes!! press charges not only that but get a restraining order to.

4. Don't let this go for to long! because if you DO decide to press charges the judge will ask why did you wait so long.

5. have proof!! Have proof that he is doing these things , Like record him doing that stuff or have a friend record it.

Answered Jan 20, 2014
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