Would anyone like to help me get eaten by a large snake?

Hi I would love to be swallowed by a snake!Ii would like to in a couple years have the chance to enter the mouth and pass through the stomach of a large anaconda or python. I have done research on it and I have found several cases where people have made it into the mouths of these beasts unharmed and alive, i'm being 100% serious here guys if you want to help me with this feat please contact me through my E-Mail : FordFurious1998@gmail.com if you want to aid in my quest. please no spam answers! I figure we would need about a 30 to 40 LB python or anaconda and I ll need people to keep a hold open its mouth in order for me to make it in and see what its like to be the food of a super cool animal!
Asked Jan 19, 2014
can I just eat you

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I wouldn't do that people that do that are usually fake I don't think you would be alive if you were eaten by a anaconda please take my advice and don't do it find something else to do THAT IS SAFE
Answered Jan 21, 2014
I don't really want to be a joy-killer but there are some questions like this on more places and the posibilities of someone who owns a snake to let you do that are very very low.

I know this isn't very appropiate as part of an answer but... Can I ask you how do you think vorarephilia happens? I'm curious about how the heck our minds end up reacting like this to such things and I'd like to know you'r opinion/thinkings about it for curiosity if you don't mind
Answered May 01, 2014
Mine happened because I'm more aggressive, and it started as a foot fetish but it became more and more sexual and I think as vore we kinda see it as the ultimate way of intiminsey being consumed or devouring the other person. The idea of digestion on either side seems very satisfying. Not to mention the whole trip of being swallowed whole could in our mind seem very nice. It's the final act of satisfying.
I'd been afraid of being eaten when I was young, and so I imagined it happening, and eventually I WANTED it to happen...

...an now I am sexually perverted. :/
I'll eat you do you have skype?
Email me ahathaway1017@yahoo.com I want to talk more about this
Answered May 26, 2014
I'm 5 foot 7, and a skinny, 97 pound 14 year old. I don't care how it has to happen as long as it does, as long as I get eaten by a snake. I understand the risks, and while I would prefer to get out alive, it probably won't happen. I live in bethel, connecticut, and email me at swaglordllama@gmail.com if you can help. I will pay you back in any way possible, money, possessions, sex, anything if you can make this happen.
Answered 7 days ago
I wanna be eaten too!
Answered May 01, 2014
If u can help me my email is liljoey955@gmail.com. I live in america.
I want to be food so badly. If anyone can make my dream come true my email is poeticpursuits@gmail.com
Skype me! I want to see what you look like
My skype is PoeticPursuits why do you need to see me

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