Any females interested with playing around with my foot fetish ideas?

I'm just looking for some really cute girls who would want to or wouldn't mind playing with my foot fetish, I just want to kiss there feet and lick all up and down them heels to toes and in between, I love it when they wear flats or sandals, and the heels where y can see all of the foot. But I really want to cover there feet in food, even a foot sandwitch lol and eat all of it off and lick them completely clean. I've been really wanting to make those spiral Mac and cheese and just stick there feet into the pot when it's done and swish them around, make sure there covered and have some in between there toes so I can eat it all :)
Asked Jan 18, 2014
Edited Apr 22, 2014
Gross! NO! Sorry immature ass
Answered Jan 19, 2014
Yeah I said it๐Ÿ’‹ why would someone say yes? Sorry
NoneYa Jan 19, 2014
Yeah...not sure how that's considered immature but yeah ok lol

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