Am I a bad friend.i'm depressed.cause I think I am

okay my whole life i've had to deal with an absent mother*cause of divorce at young age*.2 siblings who are better than me at everything and a father who chooses a favorite.And on top of that i've been called ugly,worthless,retarded*i'm in special ed(cause of a short term memory problem which makes me an enabled person apparently from what my dad said)*my whole life..yes even by my family..and this christmas I actually found out where my mother was but decided to tell my friend *who is going to be mentioned in this*later…she's in a mental hospital…in colorado!…wtf!!..and to add to that my sister is always rubbing it in my face as well as my brother is that our mom likes her better!!!(bitch)

anyways I always try to make my friend happy*i myself am not truly happy but I want her to be happy*.but she calls herself worthless and ugly and says everyone hates her"DUDE YOU'VE BEEN HOMESCHOOLED SINCE 3 GRADE NO ONE KNOWS YOU!!"...and I tell her each time:"your not ugly"
"your not worthless…and don't ever call your self that again you don't know what its like to be told up front that your worthless..your no where even close"

for my friend like me her parents divorced but her dad was replaced quickly *unlike mine who took him to get a girlfriend when I was 15*her parents pulled her and her bro out of school at 3 grade.cause of the fact that their mother was afraid that they would be bullied.and ever since then she was shy yet bratty until we get reconnected after her parents took a break*if u catch my drift even then I helped her I remember me bringing soup and bread and cheese and butter to them when their step dad left for a while cause they had no food* all honesty yes I do think i'm ugly at times but..i only say i'm beautiful so she will be happy I know it angers her when I call myself ugly..

okay anyways she said she hates it when i"one up her"i told her my reasons why I do that so I can give her an example of a truly worthless,pathetic person who is ugly

and she told her brother and he said I was an idiot and that their life was harder(no its not i've been with you two my whole life and paid attention to everything that has happened to you guys while you 2 never did that for me)i still don't trust their step father*its his real father*

also when it comes to Facebook people she talks to I am very protective….i threaten the people who perv on her or the people who cyber bully her
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Asked Jan 17, 2014
Good luck remember as anon99 says YOLO
fox Sep 14, 2016
don't live for past. LIVE NOW. ur still young
relish to study, play and listen musics! cmon its not tat bad
ps: #YOLO
gluck ;D
Answered Jan 17, 2014
So true YOLO
(would vote u up but cant D:)
fox Sep 14, 2016
Hello! It seems that I might be able to explain to you whats happening. First off is that you protect your friend from bad people. That is described as one thing only. Thats Good and Loyal. As for family problems, if you "think" they are "smarter", check this out. When I was in school I was in slower learning classes as well. No matter what people said, in the end it felt good that I over came every thing they told me I would never do. First you have to prove them wrong. Second, is if your siblings are book smart then that docent even help in real life only in the damn school system where they are highly superficial. I think that you have street smarts. In the long run its good that your a wolf instead part of the flock of lambs that are all the same. I know how very hard it is...But what you need to do is always think about the good that may come out at it. As for your friend, you seem like an ideal friend. For your friend I say I have also had people say nasty things in school. Actually A LOT. Listen if you are in a bad place in life, GET OUT! You need to find your place in this world and start realizing all they say are lies. You are NOT a "retarded" or "ugly".Everybody has there own view of beauty. And one day some one will appreciate you for who you are. I hope this sheds some light on your feelings.

- Dani
Answered Jan 21, 2014
thank you :)
your welcome! good luck!
dwoww Jan 21, 2014
*Gives good answer* *still gets
Doge Feb 20, 2014
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