How can I seduce my cousin sister who is 12years elder to me?

my cousin bro's wife is nearly 33years and is very glory to see her her big boobs attracted me to her!!!. I had watched her cleaveage many time in different ways. I also watched her naked bath while she bath in pond. so I want her in my bed for sexxxx. she has 2 childrens. she is medium heighted with some what big ass. but I like her boob's very much. pls give me advice to seduce her!!! its urgent!!!
my age is 19 and am doing my eng:.
Asked Jan 17, 2014
Here's an idea:
You can stop being a creepy pervert and leave the woman alone. It is sick and immoral of you to watch her naked. Pull your head out of your ass for a minute and think about others for a change. She's married, and doesn't want some creepy little kid hitting on her, especially when he only likes her for her body.

Another suggestion:
Work on your English skills. I seriously doubt you are nineteen, because if you were you would know that "she has 2 childrens." is a miserable excuse for a sentence. Should I point out your other numerous mistakes in grammar and spelling? It might take too long, so I won't. Besides, by this point you are probably moving on to some other website since you don't like this answer.

Have fun when your family alienates you for being the pervert you are!
Answered Jan 17, 2014

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