I'm being bullied and i'm losing my mind

okay it is my fault in a way.what happened was….

i was feeling sad(family problems)and she was like "why don't you like me?" and I said"it's not that I don't like you I just don't wanna talk I'm going through something right now and it's hard for me to explain"then I went to use the restroom.I came back and she was like"i don't like you"and I said that I did not care.at lunch i'm not sure if she had sent her friend to say this or if the girl just came on her own she ask why did I not like her and I told her the same thing I told hmm lets call her karinou.the next week was a short week and she called me a "slutty horse!!*(really dude!)and I said"okay..so if i'm a slutty horse your a cum guzzling one cent whore".then I walked away.me and my friend where talking and I said to her"so if she started a fight do you think I could kick her ass"and she said yes.anyways the next day she was like"you can't beat me i'll kill you"which for some damn reason I thought it was funny and cute then I said"i'd like to see you try".then a week later I saw her at walmart I was giving her the death stare and she gave it right back.we went to school the next day and she said that I was avoiding her as if I was scared of her *lol noooooooooooooooooo*
now she has 3 of her friends and including her boyfriend are now bullying me.the teacher notice that she is just as much as a talker as I am if you catch my drift.anyways her friends threw food at and sent one of their minions in the bathroom when I was doing my make up with my friend and she told them what we where talking about(about my friend is pregnant)

this has happened at my old school from 5th grade till tenth then everyone started to act as if I did not exist so at the time I felt sad and as if I was a burden to my species…but now i'm starting to hate humanity and people.i really don't care for people at all anymore.
i also like watching them fail at life and get hurt..badly*idk*when I was little I was like that as well but to the people i'm friends with*like only 4 girls and 4)to them from what i've asked of them and they know I don't like to be lied to…i'm honest.they said to them I am a good friend and very benevolent..what ever that means…(i don't tell their secrets*the one about
my friend being pregnant she spilled the beans*cause its not my business to tell nor will I judge their decisions….)

so whats wrong with me can u help me oh and if this help I have abandonment issues and moments where I see and hear things that nobody else can see
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Asked Jan 16, 2014
Edited Jan 17, 2014
nothing is wrong with u. apoligise,,,,,,,,,,,,,live ur life
Answered Jan 17, 2014
check out lose yourself by eminem
anon99 Feb 09, 2014

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