What would this make someone(mental disorder wise)*plz answer quickly*

okay if the person---

1.hated humanity*yes life was pretty hard*

2.extreamly distrustful

3.could put up a front*ex:they act nice and kind in public but really they don't care for other peoples problems and are rather cold towards them but usually on the inside the outside like I said they act in a sweet and loving manner*

4.are hot headed and when they get angry they tend to yell(but no one has front up seen them in a boiling rage*

5.has murder fantasies

6.is amused when someone threatens them*not like ooh i'd like that more like lol do it see what happens weakling*

7.hard to scare

9.seems to enjoy seeing people sad or hearing of their downfall also enjoys beating on their submissive masochistic friend(apparently from what the friend said of the person whom was doing that to her..she said that the person who is also female was grinning*

10.is very honest..and from what people say she is blunt with her honesty

11.mood changes quickly

12.is usually quiet*not shy just quiet*

13.bottles up anger(has had thoughts and dreams about killing someone who THINKS they are more violent)

14.has a "no idiot" tolerance policy

15.only cares for a certain person or group of people(only cares for bff children are an exemption cause they won't be able to have children or think they won't anyways)

16.hates it when a person copycats off of them

17.loves the sight of blood cause of its beautiful color

18.they also seem to be cruel when it comes to people who THINK that they are afraid of them

19.some times hear voices and sees figures

20.seems nice upon meeting but is a very mixed individual meaning they are cheerful yet dark natured*attracted to blood and gore and murder weapons and mass distraction and peoples misery*
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Asked Jan 14, 2014
Edited Jan 14, 2014
This is exactly the same as me except for number 19. Number 19 does sound a little like Schizophrenia. Maybe it's a mixture of things.
Sounds bipolar, and slightly psychopathic. Psychopaths aren't able to register empathy of other people very well, and even find enjoyment in others sadness/pain. And bipolar means you go from being content or happy to enraged or visa versa in a matter of minutes with no apparent cause
Answered Jan 14, 2014

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