Girlfriend tries pole dancing in night club

the other day my girlfriend went to her friends 18th and she did pole dancing in a club in front of a bunch of people, male and female. when she told me I got frustrated, told her I didn't like the thought of her doing that and that I couldn't see a reason for her to leave that sort of stuff out and just have a good time. I got a "go fuck yourself, you cant tell me what to do" kept my cool tried talking to her about it to avoid arguments, she preferred to laugh in my face about it. I asked for an apology. finally she gave me one. started playing games on her phone to take my mind off of it and her friend messaged her replying as they were laughing about it behind my back, turns out there is a video of it happening, but my girlfriend doesn't have it and her friend sent it to a bunch of people but 'doesn't have it'. she had to go home at the end of the day(this is after talking to her), she has to get on the bus, so I waited with her, but refused the hug and kisses she usually gets... we didn't speak for 3 days until I got through to her and all she did was laugh in my face again, joke about the relationship and then tries to make me feel bad for it.

So here's the questions. did I over react to the situation? or should I just not care what she does?
even if I was in the right should I not care because its jeopardizing the relationship? (this question is in general)
Asked Jan 13, 2014
no you did not over react at all. you are right she should not had of done what she did. it is not right that she thinks it is a joke.
Answered Jan 13, 2014
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