Is it true that newfoundland dogs will ruin a house?

We are thinking of getting a newfoundland, but we heard that it is impossible to have a nice looking and well kept house with such a dog, for they will get everything ruined and dirty with their heavy drooling and their dark greasy coat that will stain walls and fabrics. Is it true? Is it possible to have a newfy that doesn't drool? If so, how to choose a puppy that wouldn't drool as an adult?
Asked Jan 13, 2014
All dogs could potentially ruin a house. I have a lab (which he is just like a newfoundland) and he is 13 years old and we have never had any problem with him. They're great dogs. I would recommend one that's older, though. They DO shed black hair (if you get the black one obvi!) but it just requires a 1 to 2x a week vacuum. They do kinda get greasy, but they just need a bath just like any dog or person for that matter. They don't drool, really. You will LOVE your newfy once you get him!!
Answered Jan 15, 2014

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