I need help I feel really bad!

today I out for a swim and when I was leaveing some guys were trying to talk my bikini off and held me down. and they took me bikini top off and did not give it back.
i slapped one in the face so he would let go of me then I hit them in the wrong spot.

i feel really bad I feel like hurting my self because they hurt me.i feel so horrible
Asked Jan 13, 2014
Don't let assholes bring you down
Answered Jan 13, 2014
i feel bad I hurt them and I never hurt people I feel ashamed of myself. I feel like I should drop dead
I just wont to give you a hug
OMG I'm sorry that happened. Some people in this world are such idiots!!! So they took your top off at a public pool?? Where did this happen?? And how did u get away? Did they let go of you? That's just wrong of them.... It's alright, it could've happened to anyone...
Answered Jan 13, 2014
Edited Jan 13, 2014
yes they took my top and did not give it back and it was at a holiday park. I slaped one guy and kicked the other guys nuts to get away

Hi I'm a boy, but I hate those who does that things so don't feel ashamed,
It's okay I guess 😉👍
Answered Aug 10, 2014

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