Why won't he leave me alone.

I been knowing my friend for 5 years now.We had plenty on chances in opportunities to be together but something always kept us from being with one another.We lost contact for awhile and when we finally crossed paths again he express to me that he was back with the mother of his kids and was also in a relationship with another woman he works with.We always have been able to talk to each other about everything but the attraction between us never died..One night I ended up having sex with him knowing his situation and what was going on.. For the pass 3 years we've been having intercourse and throughout the three years he constantly told me he want to be with me forever even if I'm not completely his..He broke it off with the mother of his kids and she kicked him out of her house and since then has moved in with the other women he works with...Now he's having problems with her as well.I know I deserve so much better and I'm to a point to we're I'm completely done and no longer wanna be bother but he refuse to leave me alone and he knows just what to say to get me to come back.I've tried everything possible to be done but nothing works...Help!!!
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Asked Jan 11, 2014
ignore focus on ur studies. live life
Answered Jan 17, 2014
I know we all make mistakes in the past and I'm going to say this in a very nice way, but even though you two have been friends you shouldn't have had sex with him when he had kids and a wife. Now you made him want more intercourse and attention from you. Just pray to the Lord and ask him for forgiveness, okay? Because you need help!!! :(
Answered Jan 17, 2014
Edited Jan 17, 2014

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