Hard drive's corrupt. it has passwords stored. should I get data recovered(voids warranty)?

Has A Hardware Problem .. It Can Be Repaired But That Will Need Opening It Which Voids Its Warranty .. The Problem Is It Has ALL Of My Passwords Stored In There .. All The 48 Usernames, Passwords And Recovery Phrases ..
Should I Get It Replaced With A New One .. ??
Get The Data Recovered (May Or May Not Get Recovered) ??
Asked Jan 09, 2014
My say is try to recover it. If you fail you can get another hard drive. Once I was able to recover some data from a hard drive by booting from a Linux CD and bringing the usable data over to another hard drive. That doesn't void the warranty because it doesn't involve touching the hard drive.
Answered Feb 19, 2014
Yes if its in warranty period then definitely replace HDD otherwise try to contact your computer vendor to rectify the problem.your data can be recovered it by booting up the PC.

Answered Jun 09, 2014
You can recover your data with data recovery specialist.if you are in birmingham then you can recover your data by,"Birmingham Data recovery".dont worry it recovers all your data,i m confident about that.

Answered Jun 30, 2014
Hey, the best thing for anybody going through this kind of situation to do is to get your data recovered and not worry about voiding the warranty at this point, and this guys "Node Africa" will make sure your data is recovered within seconds and without having to mess with your Hard drive. check them out at https://node.africa
Answered Jan 19, 2018

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