Am I crazy

i feel weird when it comes to emotion for example I feel depressed yet angry one moment then happy the next.when someone says that they will kill me it makes me friend who is submissive and masochistic let me hurt her*it was her idea too*she let me cut her back*not too deep*hit her with a book and stomp and kick on her.she said I had a big grin on my face and I chuckled when I did it.i honestly can't recall doing the chuckling I do remember smiling.when someone threatens my life I will be all like "oh really then do it"or"oh i'm so scared".in all honesty if someone had a gun up to my head i'd say"pull the trigger"and if they did not do it i'd be like"what the fuck are you waiting for pull the damn trigger"or "are you weak..really you can't just pull the damn trigger".too other people around me who are not my friends I will be quiet around my bully's I try to avoid them.but if I saw them alone somewhere i'd beat the shit out of them.i usually don't care for other peoples problems unless its effecting the way they act and feel*which I can pick up on emotion*and they have to be my people who are bullies to other people*such as my friends or a child(teen verbally harming a child in this case)i will act in a cold and somewhat evil manor and very sarcastic*this increases if they keep acting the way they do*.when a girl at my school who is bullying me got sick or was crying I was happy I loved seeing her like that.i only care about two other people and everyone else I don't??
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Asked Jan 08, 2014
Edited Jan 09, 2014

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