Is she interested in me in your opinion? I am girl too btw ! please do read

okay so I went out of state to my grandma house and on last days got feelings for my cousin (sis).
we hardly got time to talk to each other , we had like 1hr. convo. but we made some kind of strong connection.
before we had convo. I proposed her in flirting way that will you be my that ___ in front of my 2 sis cousins but in funny way
she then replied haha yes I will be your that ___ , then I said it doesn't look good let me come at my knee's n I got on my knee's with guitar on my hands and have her hands n surprisingly kissed her hands , she laughed n said now it happened little more.
After that only she start getting interest in me guess n start making eyes contact , start telling abut her life , showed excitement while talking , maybe its her nature , like maybe I took it in wrong way but she must had shown some sign that's why I am into her.
After I left for some reason I fly kissed her through the door n she kissed me 10 tyms back so I kissed her a couple of tym too. (we were arnd ppl or cousins).
Then here comes time to go , we played Board Games whole night on my last day,she asked me no. that I needed specially by glancing her eyes as everyone was cheating n asked her for there no. but I just smiled.
Anyways time to go,i didn't smiled but looked at the ground n asked dad to wake up its the time.
When I went downstairs , she n more cousin's came to drop me , I wasn't happy at all , I wanted tea so the moment she asked should I make, I said yes with big smile then she started making tea for me n we were talking too side by side in kitchen but I was just smiling n reacting to her talk with puppy eyes to hope if she gets my feelings for her.
there was cousin so I couldn't express my feelings in open way.
She dropped me to car though she has some injury in her leg , so she was struggling to walk , I asked her to put her hands on my shoulders if want , she said no I am okay.
she was ready to go with me to station but there was only one car.
when I was abt to sit inside car , she touched my back , I turned around, then she hugged me so tightly , it lil awkward for me to express myself by hugging her in that way as cousin's were arnd , I then boldly kissed her cheeks , then to other cousins too so that they won't take it as wrong way.
watching her out of car window n making puppy face.
was thinking abt her to hole journey by train,back to my home, tagged on fb, had cvo. on cmnt.
then I sended her msg "it had fun talking to u :)" then she replied with aww , n we had convo. continued , she is engaged , gna marry a guy.
i think she is losing interest in me as I flirted to her on convo. very much, like I told her , r u getting it that I am flirting with u , she said ya getting it , I said is it good , she said heheh , im lovin it, then she startd making excuses like mom is calling for dinner, bu I think that was true.
i told her a guy proposed me n sended pic, she asked wt happened he is a kid , I said I also thought that n said no, she said u did ryt thing, I then said he proposed me in wrong tym, she said y , I said cz I am interested in someone else now a day, she said who, I said u , she said haahah now say the truth , I said this is the problem!! it is you, she said okay gta go for dinner mom is calling u too have it, I said okay.
den I msged her sales on brands over here , she saw d msg but didn't replied, I thought she mayb dnt wna talk to me cz I said im interested in her so I msged her a guys link n said see he is the guy m interested in from 6th grade im mad for him , she said sry I slept so cudn't reply n so on....he is cute....
Its not like she don't replies me but I think she is loosing interest in me as cz mayb m msgng her constantly or mayb she thinks m becoming too close with just 1hr of face to face convo.
she even says love u more when I say love ya.
im confused cz she cud msg me instant when I msg her on fb but she takes time, not much tym but she cud msg me ryt away, its only me who texts her first.
i can't take risk by flirting with her again so I stopped cz I know this feelings won't last forever , though I feel like im in love with her but i've been in love earlier too,dnt wna do something wrong to break our even friendly relation.
well I love her now but don't know what should I do so do u think she is int me or just being nice or friendly.or suggest me anything.
plzzz I will appreciate your help very much , ty for your replies, its will mean a lot to me :) !!
its been 2-3 days on fb chat guess
she even said I am cute , which many ppl says to me

Asked Jan 08, 2014
Edited Jan 08, 2014
She likes you more than a friend probably.
Answered Jan 08, 2014
probably , okay ty for ur comment :)
Sorry it wasn't much of an answer- it was all I could tell really. It's a difficult situation so good luck (:
Solmyr Jan 24, 2014

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