I'm in love but should I just move on?

I'm in love with this girl, a friend of mine. I'm bisexual and split up with my boyfriend when I met her because of my feelings for her. I didn't tell her this, just that he wasn't right for me.
I moved away but we still talk everyday and I still really like her. I can never find the courage to tell her how I feel and It has been a year now. I have had sex with a few girls in this time but can never develop a relationship with any of them because all I want is her.
She constantly gives me signals that she likes me too. But then will suddenly start talking about a guy she has seen or might go on a date with. Over Christmas we spent time together and this even resulted in me having a fight with my best friend. My best friend thought that me and this girl were acting so much like a couple that we were secretly dating and I hadn't told her.
If I can not tell her how I feel is it best to cut down my communication with her and try to distance myself from her?
Asked Jan 06, 2014
She will know somethings up if you talk to her less, be honest with her I don't know if telling her is going to ruin your relationship, you know? Find a way (maybe jokingly) ask her about the signals she is giving. Depending on her answers should give something away if you listen right. If she doesn't feel the same try to move on so you wont loose a relationship with her. Hope this helps a little good luck!
Answered Jan 06, 2014
don't distance urself but don't b in hurry to express urself cz it will ruin everything, we think another person feels in a same way . so just b patient with ur feelings n continue ur friendship , hope im help
Answered Jan 10, 2014
Coming out to soon could result badly. However, try slightly hinting at it. If you feel strongly about her, then you could try having her over. Bring up the question about LGBT relationships, and if she says she supports it then you could possibly tell her then. Or if she still says she supports it and you don't want to tell her, then I suggest you propose a scenario, in which you and her are going out. If she changes the subject immediately, then she could be hiding something. I do however believe that because she didn't interact with you when you were tickling you friend, she could've been jealous. Distancing yourself is a bad idea. She could be come upset if you start to distance yourself from her, and or could result in problems all around. If you feel strong about her still, then distance will be the worst possible thing you could do. You may also end up questioning yourself about it later as well. "what could have possibly happened if I took time to ask her?" could be a commonly asked question in thinking back in life, and also you may regret it.
Answered Jan 19, 2014
She knows I'm bi. She has been to gay weddings, has many gay friends. That is not an issue.
I talk to her all the time. I told her I was in bed and wished she was with me for cuddles. She said she wished she was with me too. I am completely in love with her but I don't know how to make her know how I feel without sticking my tongue down her throat.
Answered Jan 22, 2014
... ok well try suttley telling her how you feel, and then see how it goes from there...i understand what you mean....just be suttle about it

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