Adult son and new husband do not get along

My son and new husband do not get along. My son is 31 years old and lives at home because after graduating with his masters degree he still can’t find gainful employment. He is working at Shoprite and he pays me rent, his own phone bill and gives money for food and the utilities. My husband in the past has put his hands on me and has a bad temper and my son and daughter really don’t like him. He has gone into counseling and has started studying the Bible and has changed a great deal. However, I do believe my husband is very jealous of my son because he did not finish H.S. and my son has his Masters. My son is nothing but polite and very respectful towards my husband and yet my husband still has issues with my son. He harps on petty things and I’m getting really sick of it. Help?!!
Asked Jan 06, 2014
Does the son have issues with the husband?
The issues my son has with the husband is he needs to learn to respect other peoples viewpoints without losing his temper.

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