Food temperature

mankind prefers to eat foods that are served hot or sometimes chilled.I have the impression that it should be beneficial and tastier to eat food as it is i.e. at room temperature.Our body mechanism also would work optimally, I presume at either room or body temperature.Give your comment?
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Asked Jan 05, 2014
for food to be safe to eat its temp. needs to be maintained below 40` or above 140` (after it has been heated to 160`)rapid cooling and heating are also the best way to keep food safe.bacteria grows much faster at temps. above 40` and below 140` with the exception of honey (natures perfect food)eating raw foods should be done with care ,washing fruits and veg's very important just imagine all the handling before you get them without hand washing.produce pickers pee in the field.
Answered May 11, 2014
If we didnt serve it hot we wouldnt be able to kill the bacteria and other harmful things. People can get a variety of diseases from undercooked foods.
Answered May 11, 2014
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