Music in my ears. When nothing is on.

Okay. When I was a little girl this would go on for hours. I would set in my house, I hated television so they were always off. Never had my alarm clock radio on or even any radios. I would always hear old fashioned music like 1930s classy music or a old fashioned sports game pronouncer. It went on for many years. I asked my father one day if he ever had that happend. He explained the same thing to me but he works around heavy machinery and said he always has a ring in his ear. I know for a fact my house was not haunted my father built our home and it was in the country on a dirt road therefor no truck drivers with radios came through. Of course when I had a doctors appointment my overprotective mom would always come in with me and I would never tell the doctor about it . I am 21 now my fiance and I got a new house. I was up laying bed with everything off in my house. The house will be a hundred years old this April and is huge so I know it creeks a lot but I for sure it isn't creeking 1930s 1940s swing music or a old fashioned radio sports announcer. After all these years it happened to me again for a hour! It doesn't scare me. I just want to know if it ever happened to anyone else?
Asked Jan 04, 2014

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