Which Is The Perfect Season For Bear Hunting?

Asked Jan 04, 2014
please don't hunt for bear, this is nature, we all are children of nature,
I suggest you not to hunt for bear, because the law of KARMA will affect you further, this is for sure.....
live in peace my friend
thank you.
Answered Jan 04, 2014
I like to hunt in the spring when they come out after the snow is gone and the hair is still thick and not rubbed off and they are hungry and calling seems to work good.
Now I don't find them to good eat'in at this time of year cause all the fat is gone.In the fall when they are putting on fat for winter and the coats a thick and glossy is also a good time to hunt.
In the spring look for the first spots to green up or the fastest food,thats were the bears will be.
In the fall look for good berry patches or your natural food sources.In Montana it is not legle to bait so we do alot of spot and stalk and tons and tons of glassing high meadows and avalanch chutes.
As for guns I like a 25 cal or larger for blackbear(I assume thats the kind were talking)if the large specices is around(grizzly) I like my .338 win mag or a good stout .30 cal rifle.
Hope this helps :)
Answered Jan 04, 2014
In the rainforests located in the south eastern and south central coast of Alaska, the brown bears and mountain goats can be hunted besides caribou and mouse. These animals are available in abundance depending upon the season and habitat. Ensure thorough planning to make the hunting venture successful. From late May to June, the largest bears are found in the North American region as this is the breeding time. During spring time the coat of the black bear is the thickest and makes a good time for bear hunting. http://deltana.com/hunting/information.htm
Answered Jan 06, 2014
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Answered Feb 26, 2016

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