I have twice dreamt that my Year 7 maths teacher tells me off

I am in Year 9. In Year 8 I was moved into another maths group. In Year 7 I was in another maths group. I had this maths teacher who didn't usually raise her voice or anything like that. She would just tell me to pay attention when I had my attention elsewhere and to not draw in the margin whenever I had made a flaw with drawing one. Quite a while ago before the holidays I had dreamt that she had raised her voice at me for stating a quote from Eric Cartman in South Park:Bigger Longer and Uncut. I think then a couple of days ago I had a dream that she had raised her voice at me for an unknown computer error I had made and also that she had walked past my living room door.

I know that this is something that is of course not of great importance although I believe that I am just curious as to why I had dreamt those two dreams.

Thank you if you've chosen to answer my question. Usually because I am considered to be as they say 'weird'.
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Asked Dec 31, 2013
Edited Dec 31, 2013

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