Why am I always so upset with my self

I always feel anoyed with my self and it gets that bad were I watch things t make me cry and I do this abut 5 time a week I don't like my self and I don't know why I have good friends I'm 14 I go to a good school and I've got a good family but there's only me that's send to get so anoyed and I've got to the point were I don't want to talk to anyone what can I do to stop getting so upset with my self
Asked Dec 30, 2013
I kinda have the same problem like you. But, Instead of getting upset with myself I just get really angry some days and I get really antisocial, and it's hard to get away from people especially when your at school and everyone's wondering whats wrong with you. Do u think u have a problem with yourself? Like, do u like yourself? When u get upset and annoyed about whatever it is, just slowly take a deep breath and calm yourself down. It might just me hormones or something, if u have just recently started getting angry and upset. Really, there's nothing much u can do about it. Just learn to love yourself and your body cuz u are gonna stay in tour body for a long time. Learn to love yourself. It's normal to get anitsocial sometimes (well for me anyway)
Answered Dec 30, 2013
Ye I get really angry some times :)- nd thanks ;)
dont do suicide its too sad!!!!!
Answered Jun 08, 2015

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