2006 Monte Carlo Engine Answers Please?

I have a 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo last few months I had a oil leak , I was told oil pan gasket, then I was told just change your oil and oil filter cause filter could just be bad, I changed it and still had the leak , in the mist of all this I put about 2 quarts in everything 3 days , first when it started when the oil got low it would make a clackn sound but when oil is put in it quiets down, after time the clackn got louder till the point everytime I accelerated it would make the sound, in the last 5 days the sound got worst , last couple days everytime I pull off from a stop it rides rough untill I get to about 15-20mph the clackn sound turned into a rod knock sound but not as loud as I have hear on older cars (1999-and back) then yesterday I had put my 2quarts of oil in because I knew it was about time because it been a couple days and the temp outside was droppn into the 20s-30s and I was getting on the freeway, next thing you know im on the freeway doing 65mph on cruise control and the car just started to feel funny on me so I got off and it was riding rough and I was going up a street that had a slight incline and I just wasnt gettn the power I need to keep driving then as im pressing on the gas finally it wouldnt let me drive at all and the car cut off and I just rolled down the street in neutral, tried to start it wouldnt let me turn over at first it tried but wouldnt go , I heard the knockin before the car turned off thats the loudest it was . WHAT TO DO ANY ANSWERS? I bought the car from a used car lot last year of this month , I was finna get a 2ndary warranty but this happned, I heard the ohio lemon law wont help is that true? I just need answers its a 2006 3.9l LT I bought it with 99,000 and this happned at 138,000
Asked Dec 30, 2013
You should have fixed the damn leak! A piston may have seized or it threw a rod if you heard a loud clank/bang.
Answered Jan 13, 2014
Oil leakage can be frustrating because it is hard to locate the place from where it's been leaked. Although there are few most probable areas of oil leakage blow:
• Oil Filter
• Oil Drain Plug
• Oil Filler Cap
• Valve Gasket etc.
Most probably in your case too, the oil would be leaking from any of these sources. You should go for mechanical inspection immediately.

Usually engine leakage occurs because of improper maintenance, otherwise engines of Monte Carlo are highly stable and robust whose example you see at http://www.buyusedengine.com/used_engine.php?make=Chevrolet&model=Monte%20Carlo. I would advice, make a proper inspection of your car leakage and also buy any “stop leak product” to address small leakage problem on your own.
Answered Feb 10, 2015

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