Name few Designer & Fancy Bridal bindi shops online?

Desperately need to buy Good Quality Bindis and Bridal Bindis for Marriage and other festive occasions. I am based in USA (New York).

I have come across some Bindi shops Online that sell bindis from USA, but the bindis arrive from India and takes about a month with bent or damaged packaging. That's a real frustrating experience.

If any Bindi buyer knows online Bindi shop shipping Bindis from either Canada or USA with quick turnaround time please write back.
Asked Dec 28, 2013
i absolutely agree to your experience and I have experienced the same as well.
I No more Buy Bindis from India or any items where it takes a over month to get what you ordered and many a times you get a different item or damaged item.

As melissa mentioned in her answer I visited and was really amazed to see the Huge collection of Bindis for Belly Dance, parties and occasions. Truly a Bindi Shop you can not afford to miss.
Yes I also received my items within 8 days.

Love Them.. And yes I Bookmarked them..:-)

The Best Bindi Shop who sell Designer & Fancy Bindis as per my experience is

They sell and ship all Bindis from Canada.
They safe Pack and ship the Bindis.
Low shipping and High Quality Bindis at great Price.

Overall a great Online Bindi Store.

Answered Dec 28, 2013
Thanks They have a awesome Collection of Bindis.... Thanks again
These kind of questions about ladies fashion online in UK are always been asked and there are some good stores online for all the stuff you are looking for.
Answered Feb 16, 2015
You can wear Multicolor Bindis or choose bindi according to your face.
Answered Sep 19, 2019

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